GROUP courses

Business Group Courses

Are you a corporation or employer trying to provide French language training to your staff ?
Or would you like to join a French language class with your colleagues or friends ?

FFY helps you to speak with confidence, that’s the commitment!

This is the perfect type of course if :

Two formats are available:

A course that fits
your Schedule and Objectives !

You decide WHEN !

With French Group Courses, you decide WHEN you want to have class.

You decide WHERE !

You also decide WHERE you want to have class.
The teacher can travel (commute) to your place or to any other predefined location that will accommodate you best. (e.g. working place)

A unique teaching approach

A blended learning model named the flipped classroom

In addition to a more “traditional style” learning method based on “lesson first and assignment next”, we can also offer an alternative learning method, known as blended learning.

What’s that?

Learners interact with new material and media for homework first through a platform. After that, class time is used to discuss the new information and put everything into practice. Contrary to the traditional lecture, the flipped classroom can help students from beginners to advanced levels to improve their French language skills faster and more efficiently (fostering long-term memorization).

On top of that, it permits you to increase the interaction with your teacher, another opportunity to enhance your learning experience!


French For You also integrates a positive psychology approach

We will focus on your STRENGTHS, and not on your weaknesses!

More specifically, the strengths that will benefit your learning process and consequently help you develop a deeper understanding of your learning experience and yourself. By reinforcing/ encouraging self-esteem and gratitude, it will be easier for you to grow your verbal skills.

More and more schools and universities are currently implementing a positive psychology approach in class because it is a scientifically proven way to optimize the learning process.

It’s time to accept your mistakes! And remember that the French class is a safe place to learn.






However, you can always make some savings by buying a package

Book 20h course – get 10% discount on course fees
Book 30h course – get 15% discount on course fees

Last minute cancellation and postponing are subject to a 48 hour notice delay.

Are you still hesitating ?​

Don’t worry, a free 20-minutes zoom/skype call with the teacher is offered.
We can have a little chat and exchange on your learning objectives.
Afterwards, you can decide if you would like to start your French learning journey!